A new Russian Taxi CB?

Wouxun KG-UV950P

Sure the title maybe a little naughty as the radio is indeed the newly released quad band 28/50/144/430 Wouxun radio and of course all the goodies there for the UHF PMR Men or indeed the VHF CB Men if it heads that way in the UK after the spectrum is released. From what we know so far the radio is 40w HF and 50w VHF so can make some nice output and seems that the errors that were there are now gone (* Facebook: Neuner Funk) so this makes some interest to those that want to fit one radio in the car and not 4 or less if want to use all the bands that this radio covers.

**6.25KHz step to be confirmed, not known as also not known the steps covered in 28MHz

There is also an AM receive from 108-136MHz according to the website of Wouxun. The things that surprises me is that on 27MHz it would be expected that the power would be something like the ones quoted above but an amateur that tested one of these found the power to be low at 4.5w on low and both the mid, mid 2 and hi being 9.5 watts and this was the same also for 10 metres so not sure if it was the old version or the new version. Also it seems that it can come locked for just the amateur bands and not transmitting elsewhere? Check the link below:


If that is the case then the idea of this fast becoming a new Russian Taxi Radio will end in a heart beat. I was thinking that maybe if the radio was more powerful on CB and they can add CTCSS etc then there is a chance that some of the band will be released back to the CB and the Amateurs. Only yesterday there was Taxi traffic on 28.505 FM, 28.785 FM and as far north as 29MHz so that is plain and simply not right at all. The only question remaining is how to wire your echo mike to it? Or will there be adapters made so it is possible. There is a time, and it is now to say the Russian stations are indeed all over the band, heard as low as 25.505FM here all the way till top end of 29MHz. Agencies are trying to solve the issues. Will they? I think not privately. Too vast a country, too difficult to Police the bands. Easiest thing these days are two options I suppose? Option 1 is turn the VFO away and ignore it and Option 2 is learn Russian and call them to see where they are exactly located 🙂


So like with the Lincoln II, Grant II and so many other radios now is the time for waiting to see what will finally land in the hands of the customers of this radio. What is sure is that there needs to be a cable for the programming as sure it will be hard without it. Is it simply 12.5 / 25.0 KHz steps and not anything more? And indeed really has all the errors from the past ones been put laid to rest.

Time will tell as with all new radios, Only time will tell.


* Just heard on 10/11m power is on high around 50 watts *

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  1. Hi Simon, on the face of it, the low power on 10/11m was offputting, so interested to see your comment about higher power being possible. Also, I guess you have seen a similar TYT radio, which looks very like the FT8900, which runs 50W on 10m (I assume it’s expandable onto 11m too).



    • Hi Tim, Good Morning.

      I had an email exchange with Markus @neuner and he tells me it’s going along well on 11m with 50w so much better than the first versions. I think also first version was the one tested in the review mentioned here. Expandable? Think like the handheld maybe comes opened? Not at all sure. But looks nice piece of kit and I think Markus gets his in a week or two.

      Best Wishes


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