Black Runbo

An interesting email landed from Shenzhen telling me about a new 2G/3G telephone running Android 4.2 twin sim but where it gets interesting it also features one of two options.

1) 400-480MHz Transceiver
2) 136-174MHz Transceiver

Not dual band so one of the two, but where it was interesting is that the radio part of the telephone is software programmable so you can configure the memories and program from the PC which seems a lot easier (drivers dependent) than some of the other non programmable phone radios that came along before.


Output power is 500mw and also 1w on high power and of course being a telephone it also has push email, MP3 player, google maps, play store and a lot more of the other Android goodies.
Data is provided via HSPA 7.2Mbits and GPRS/EDGE where 3G is not available. 2GB Ram which can be expanded to 32GB via external memory card.

And for the people who would use this out and about the telephone / radio has scratch proof Gorilla glass

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