President Lincoln II Version II The People Say?


Well according to my inbox it seems and I must say that President have showed why they are going strong after 36 years of business. Some people noticed the new Lincoln II had issues and I say SOME as have had emails here from people that have had not a single issue and cannot understand what the trouble was about.

I only had limited time with mine due to the mentioned issues surrounding the QTH but will try again sometime in the next weeks to see what I can tell more about the radio but in the meantime bear with me as I go through some of the issues I had on mine and if they are indeed better now with the V2.

S-Meter behaving in a weird and erratic manner: YES IT IS SURE OK NOW. Needs more lateral movement now but works well

The white noise to signal issue is also fixed on my radio, I say ON MINE as it was more of an issue than on some others so am told. And on others there was not any issue at all.

AGC: I have here in Wizard Towers a V1 and a V2 and both had the issue. The V2 now all cured and no issues.

Audio: Seems to be stronger but I am not sure, can be me but people tell me the V2 is a lot louder now than the V1

Channel Change: Same on all the versions, cannot be changed simply. If causes too many issues do as I do use the mike up and down buttons.

Echo: Works better on my V2 than the V1 although not sure if anything was done to it or not.


Now for the people who email long lists of things with there Lincoln2 please read the following below and then act on this and it can be the radio will be repaired for you.


Please check the website and email to the groupe address there.

ONLY contact if indeed your radio has issues. I have had cases that people want there radio updated when it shows little or no issues at all.

Wait for President to reply and in the meantime pack the radio away safely for the journey to be repaired.

Then when President have been in touch, follow there guidelines onwards.

Who is Effected?

Some radios from the first production. ONLY radios from the initial release which we will call V1 have some of the known issues. These radios will be covered via the warranty even when the wire is cut. And again this is from the first production on the LI1

Is mine a V1 or V2 I am asked?

If the radio is new then it is sure to be a V1. Nevada have prepared ALL there radios to the V2 specification so if from there just ask them and it can be a V2, other dealers I cannot comment so will imagine they are a V1

How long does it take to fix?

I would say roughly 2 weeks from door to door, can be quicker, can be slower dependent on work and holidays

That’s about it really. All I know is that the fix was from President themselves. There engineers worked long and hard to make the revisions to the radios to make them work better.   I know of maybe 3 people so far with the new V2 and they like it a lot.

There will be in the future what we shall call the V3 and this will be the all new updated version. Meaning the modifications from the initial production and some other fixes if there are any will have been addressed and should hold no issues to those in the initial V1 production. I do not know the timescale of when these radios will come to the market place so don’t sit around go and grab a V1/V2 and get on the air with it.

Fast Service, telephone calls to explain what to do, help via email, prompt service and great advise is what I have heard from the UK, Germany, Ireland who have been in touch with President about there radios. SO do the same, and only do it when it is needed and when you have checked with the dealer who sold the radio to you first of all.



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