President Lincoln II Version II Videos

The start of the V2 videos of the Lincoln II are now appearing online. I myself also have some videos ready but for those who asked so much about this here below is a couple of videos for you to have a look at:

And now below from the famous delboy

As before remember NOT ALL radios are the same and indeed there are some with completely no issues from the first series. So don’t try and send it back expecting some massive repairs when yours has nothing wrong and indeed you have “show & tell” people how well it is and then try get it modified as it does not really make sense for those who thought all was well in the first place?

Congratulations to President who fixed the issues in house. And please remember the following as it shows the difference between class and no class.

When there was a radio AT5555 / DX5000 released and it had issues what happened? Were they offered a free collection, free repair and free return courier back? When the s-meter died when ASC turned on was it fixed? When there was over load on pre V3 was it repaired and fixed?


No nothing was done, heads in sand and arses in the air was the answer. People make light and say President this and that. Sure was not ideal when the radio was released but they showed there style and class and DID SOMETHING about it and that shows something about the company. It was not left out there on the shelf and wait for the revision.

Sorry for the slowness with the updates of new stuff, time away since the things that happened here so not all the time and effort needed has been done but hope soon all will be coming along back to normal

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