More Lincoln II V2 Videos Arrive Online

There now seems more of the radios around and so with this there is the chance to see how the issues have been addressed and indeed you can see that they really have been cured most of them. OF course along with this comes other issues now as one dealer is selling V2 modified radios and two owners of these have emailed me and told me they want to send them “now to France to be looked at again” and the reason for this I am not sure of. Maybe they think no better place to fix it than France? Or what else am not sure. BUT if you have a V2 then really not any need at all to send it away. It has had the modifications done so there is nothing else on the table for you.

And below is a video for those who asked why are no Lincoln II V2 using 10 metres as it is “designed for” So here is a video for you and you can see the radio seems also to be working as it should be.


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