American Samoa, Lincoln V2, President Himalaya’s & Icoms

So today was able to give some radio time at another QTH in Vecses as not possible at the home location at the moment. I had taken the Himalaya and the Lincoln II Version II as modified by SAV in France. It is actually one of the first times I have managed to turn the radio on since it received life changing surgery in March.
And the doctors have made ONE HELL OF A DIFFERENCE. It is a transformation that you would not believe that you can see with your own eyes and ears. The audio is wider and more rich sounding, receive better, signal to noise better, AM sound better, AGC issues I have one radio with and one without are gone. The fact that the radio is so different with the modification you cannot imagine it. Period. It is SO DIFFERENT. Guess it needs more usage I will try to make more with the radio, just location still an issue at the moment.

President Himalaya Antenna Located on a 4ft pole in the garden so not high and maybe a maximum of just 2ft above the house in total. Radio was a 7410 with CR577 Mike and 100 watts. Split 580 and old Zetagi dog of an amplifier. Thanks to Tim for the new country and seems indeed as I said before and was slated by many that the antenna is working well.

And before the flood gates open with foolish comments. The pole was sat on a patio and I am not sure what sort of soil was underneath it, was damp after rain. Total height above sea level around 140m asl not more and can be less.

Thanks to Jakob 122 for the loan of a location to try and make some contacts and see what is out there. Great for another new country in the log and most of all thanks to Tim for the ears 🙂

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