President Henry ASC Classic

Been a busy few months down in France with the new radios flying in left, right and centre. And now another one hits the market and that is the Henry ASC Classic. The radio is a Harry II ASC Classic in another radio. It was a sad day when the Harry was taken away and seems President went “old school” and returned with the newly named Henry and brought back an icon with a new name.

EU Band so ready for the UK come July when it is allowed to use AM and has all the usual suspects for the EU sales area and also IN for the Indian market, which will sure be a big selling area for the 4×4 people and those who want effortless short range communications. Like with most of the new Unidens the radio is designed and tested as per normal in Tokyo Japan and then manufactured in Vietnam. REMEMBER GUYS Uniden still has an office inside the EU so knows what is happening. I will say with a no BS style I would like the key bleep to be switchable as find it annoying but am 1 customer in maybe 1 million who could ask for the same. But I am just saying it would be nice to have the choice to stop it.

Otherwise old school, reliable, Uniden, get what you pay for and will it sell. Pff like sweets in a sweet shop I would imagine.

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