President Jimmy II ASC

Well this is a radio that will split opinion in so many ways. It is a 40 channel AM only multi-norm radio with the bands for India (IN) EU (Europe) and finally PL (Poland) In the UK people started to moan before they even saw the radio which based on nothing seems the wrong way to go in my opinion. The UK is not the world, AM is not legal there at the moment and with the banding on the radio it is easy to see where the radio will I guess ship many pieces.

I will get the moaning out the way first. There is no up and down channel change with the radio on the mike. NEITHER was there with the Teddy ASC so the radio stays in the same tradition and when your driving as well as the excellent implementation of the ASC it makes it hard to look down to change channels in these days of safety on the roads. I personally do not like the BEEEEEEP when you change things on the radio. It is set at a level which I believe is a little too high for home use and makes it annoying. Back in the day it was possible to adjust firmware to make it switch off via turn radio on and press the DN button on the mike. This could and maybe should have been considered, but the radio does not come with the up and down mike and number 2 the cost in the revision I think would of course be prohibitive. A few users of out hundred thousand maybe will complain, so not worth addressing I think.

ASC, Automatic Noise Filter (ANL) I need to try and check the later seem to be working in harmony as the sound is rich and well rounded. The camera does not show this. But add the likes of a Sadelta, CR577, Astatic Teardrop then the audio booms rich and warm sounding. A cheap investment to sound good on the air. Export mode is provided the same way as always and offers you rU a, b, c which relates on real terms to mid, high and low.

**ANL is confirmed inside**

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