Under the Case Changes Henry ASC Classic and Jimmy II

As well as the new Henry and Jimmy II ASC being released there are sure new things under the hood of these radio’s also. In the case of the Henry which is based on the “Harry II” there is differences with the ASC, selectivity and banding with how the radio works and in this they have addressed an issue that many people including myself have wondered over the last years. If you have in legal format the ability to change land setting to let us say PL and have the ending in 0 (zero) when you export it then you loose the ability to make the ZERO (0) ending for the radio.

NOT ANYMORE The new firmware inside the Henry ASC Classic and Jimmy II ASC makes allowances for this and so can compensate with a key press and then you have the ZERO (0) endings across all the bands.

So the new rU bands are as follows:

(C) Inferior bands meaning the lower than CEPT channels
26515-26955 and 26510-26960

(A) Normal so the CEPT Band
26965-27405 and 26970-27410

(B) Superior Channels meaning the 40 channels higher than Mid Band
27415-27855 and 27420-27860

Remember the modification looses you all rights to any warranty work and repairs. It is not clever to perform as 5 years warranty free not anyone likes it. Remember there can be issues….

It is great to see the changes and how things move onwards in this weird and wonderful hobby that we have. Let us hope that this continues and the Harry IIII and Taylor IIII or indeed JFK III (IF THEY ARE EVER MADE OF COURSE) will have these options as standard as the way to go. Much nicer for the end user and makes it more interesting for expanding after the warranty period has ended. Files are online so can be found also….

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