Anytone AT6666 Now In Stock

With thanks to Graham and also to Mike D at Nevada for the email it seems the long awaited 6666 makes its debut and is selling faster than cakes in a cake shop. Nothing in this area of the world, seems that people just either don’t have it or are not interested or have not ordered it (or all of the above) There are no samples, no test pieces available so if you have one record it and let us all know how and what the radio can do.

Like with all new radios there is so many people whose wallets are full with cash for this radio to come along so let us see who dips into there pockets and pops one up on you tube for us all to see. We have seen the early version samples and now the real ones are here. £199.95


Check Dave M0OGY and Jon Rigsearch as they have had early versions so lets see if they buy or obtain the release version and see how it goes for them.

We also await the radio from:

CRT France as the Supestar CRT 9900 (
KPO Name Unknown at present (
Team As one of there Pro Series (


For me, hard to say whether it will be on here or not as it seems one of the hardest radios actually to procure with some promises and then silence. I will look around for it, but what is interesting to see is if people do dip there hands in there pockets for this, yet another 10m radio in an already crowded market.

According to one man, “This radio could put a stop to President sales” for that I suggest two Nurofen, sit down with a cold towel and relax a little. It is true that could have made an impact if the Lincoln II stayed as it was but now with an all new version around the corner, updates to the original V1 whilst in production I think your words are a little shallow. But these words come the same person who had V3, V4, V5, V6 Anytones and the like, who never complained with all there errors and just bought new versions when available.

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