V3 is a Lucky Number


The President Lincoln II was released onto the market with a hush and people waited for it to arrive. As we know and is well documented the radio in some places had issues. This was not on all radios. I have seen radios from the box with no issues and have seen them from the box with some issues.


Just to name a few had a few issues and these were addressed with help, professionalism and care. Not the wait till the next version that was the past with ALL the other companies with Qixiang made radios. These modified radios whether done in France or in the UK with Nevada and others were then called the V2.


Now the talk is of the new V3 version of the radio. I know something about it, obviously the radio has the modifications of the V2 inside and of course being President there is sure to be something else of course. The blog will feature shortly what we know, at the moment it is looking for information as it is better to comment with the facts than comment with air.


Take a look later and there maybe is some news, let us wait and see………..

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