Milan 42 Memorial

Like in every hobby, sport and so on there is someone who touched many people with there being. This is also the case in the Czech Republic with the CB operator “Milan 42” he was a well known station and since his passing the operators of the CB always make an effort for some network, DX event and the same is this year like with all the other years.


Above is a photo of Milan 42. He was responsible also for a magazine, “the” magazine for CB in Czechoslovakia, in the times before the split into two Republics.


Above is a old copy from the magazine, it was available via post and also from shops like Allamat (All Amateurs) back in the good ole days.

Above is a link to the CBDX website where this weekend there is the event for Milan 42. Check the locations, mostly mountains and if there is some sporadic e then maybe you will hear some of these stations on the air. Some will speak English and some German also, some simply Czech. Take a listen for them, would be nice to be part of the event for Milan 42.

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