President Lincoln II Version III Contacts

So thankfully the gods of sporadic e conditions made it work just at the time when the radio was around for some tests on the air. And boy did it perform well. You will notice with loud signals it was fine, with lower and medium signals all was well and even with a UKFM contact when the signal was less the radio seemed to hold on well to the audio at least.

At the time of the contact the station was:

President Lincoln II Version 3
Sadelta MB+4 Plus
SSB Power: 100 watts and FM Power 50 watts
Sigma Eurocomm Venom 1/2 Antenna (no radials)

Thanks to all those who kindly answered the calls and provided me with information about the sound, signal and the like from the station. Also thanks to Dave Cubby from Leicester who shot a video and posted it to Facebook and sounded really not so bad at all.

And below with thanks to Dave CUBWOLF is the other side of the QSO, meaning what he heard when I was speaking to Paul in Nottingham

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