President Lincoln II V2 Versus President Lincoln II V3

Charlie Tango Tim in QSO with myself today. The audio as can be heard is as it is. The mike was Sadelta MB+4 from my side and President Himalaya. As with Tim you can see all, nothing hidden. If you run NON STANDARD MIKE on the V3 and V2 you need adjust them well before use. Mine was at times during QSO turned up and down to see a setting and finally it was realised at:

Mike Gain 27
Mike Volume on Sadelta 4

Above is the video from Tim and below the one is the one from me.

So there it is. Sure there will be some who say the audio is processed too much, or they don’t like the colour of something or this, that and the other. There are those who worked hard to make the V3 as it is and these need to be congratulated as have turned the radio around. I know I keep saying it but I will say it till am green, blue, yellow in the face.

AT5555 and others. They were all crap before V6 board and software. All had issues and all the people sent them to Kucha Hans who was the man SOLELY who made them work, otherwise you waited in line at Neuner or others and ordered another new one. PRESIDENT MADE V2 in house and while in production. The initial update, covered it with warranty. Who else would do this? Not anyone, you would buy another.

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So guard your words well when you moan and criticize about the radio. I was not a fan of V1 but worked all over the world with it from the box. V2 worked American Samoa and other places and V3 Kenya, Japan and all areas in between. Simple logic, can I plug it in and use it? YES. Does it work? YES, is it better? YES is it a keeper? YES.


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