CB Radio Evolves with the new Evolution

The radio was first discussed way back in December 2013. There was a rumour that something was coming it popped up on some web sites and then as soon as was discussed it vanished without a trace. And in the last few days emails began to arrive about its impending arrival on the market and here it is: The Lafayette Evolution…


There was at the time a rumour that the radio would have a custom front, this was told to me via a maker in China who is not the actual manufacturer but he had heard this rumour and thought it was funny. BUT it actually comes with two sets of knobs and 3 fronts so you can have a bit of a change when you need it. The radios banding is limited, the price shows around 140 euro which in my mind is a bit high but am sure will sell? Maybe.. DIN Bracket and blue and red back lights so all you need.


PL AM/FM 80 channels 4w
D4 AM 40 Channels 4w and 80 Channels FM 4W
UK AM/FM 40 channels 4w This would make me feel it is mid band only based on this?
E AM/FM 40 channels and 4w

So this was from a list in the Italian manual and if so think this could be a stumbling block. I have not seen one, just a photo and a manual so not much to go by. If you have one or have seen it then please drop me a line and tell the community all about it.

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