President Lincoln II V3 Inside Story

Here it is the inside story of the V3. This is a video actually that was not going to happen. But thanks to some members of TM1 who trashed the insides as being disgusting, and one who told it sounded excellent on air and then rubbish via email thought id show you around the radio. Nothing out of place, all buttoned up nicely and as you see the wire cut as I use it as nature intended it to be.

Channel change still does not miss a beat, signal to noise ratio I can work people now at S0 which would have been noise S4 on V1 and is still, V2 cut this to S1-2 and this the V3 takes it to the next step. There out there so take a punt and get one, don’t like it then resort to the CRE8900 which many have done. I will add now a disclaimer as the trolls will jump. I use the radio with 100w, Sadelta or CR577 Mike and the antenna being a President Himalaya or the Sigma Eurocomm Venom 1/2 with no radials

American Samoa
Montserrat Island
Germany (on video x2 times)

And others, people liked it and told was good. Videos document it. Don’t like it that I cannot help you with, mine works and cannot say it does not when it clearly does. For the amateur side Dave M0OGY told he has a V3 and needs just time for testing it, take a look there as mine is based on CB Side. No good going on 20m when all say “your that wizard guy from 11m” so not the best.

Below is the video:

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