Channel 34 Net Heard in Spain

There is always a channel 34 net in the UK on a Sunday. And now as the summer comes there are more conditions and more stations trying to make the net. All around FaceBook there are Brits overseas with CB Radios which are now either turning there antennas or are simply listening for the net. From information received there is Saint Helena Island which shares the same 80 channels as the UK listening, Corsica, Poland, Hungary, Mozambique and also Belarus. Outside of these there is the USA, Australia and Canadian stations which are also trying to regularly make the net when conditions are favourable.

The video below was supplied by Juan in Cadiz and think the first voice is Sid Mike 5 followed by I think CT1059 can be wrong? Also Gary CT104 was there too I think? both located in the south west of the UK and of course South Wales. Thanks for the video to Juan and well done to those who organise the net to make it so popular.

And below is another video, this time from Wales which shows the other side of the net. The UK side which was received in Cadiz in the other video.

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