The Frankenstein Upgrade Lincoln II

News has just arrived from Germany where it seems there will be soon a Lincoln II with the Frankenstein upgrade as it was explained to me. The man concerned is fitting a RF Limited SX 175 back end onto the radio which will propel it to around 150 watts on SSB.


All I know is that the parts bill was $160 plus shipping and import duties and the work is being carried out in the north of Germany and the premier outing for the radio will be R.A.D 2014 (Radio Activity Day) and that’s all I know. Also with this modification I understand he has some internal speech processing achieved via an extra internal board and now the radio is parts and needs work and am sure (well I hope) that he will send me the photos as promised when the radio hits the airwaves. I thought it would be Kucha Hans releasing this beast as part of his “Dominator Series” but am promised that it is NOT THE CASE and the radio is somewhere in the north of Germany now being prepared. I wait for this video I can tell you. Really am waiting….

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