Why The Blog Is As It Is?

Today via email came some feedback about the blog from Romania. The consensus is that the blog is loaded to one side in the favour of President. Well there are reasons for this, plain and simple.


So as people in nature want to know everything here is everything for you:

Why is there no AT-6666 radio on here. I asked in France and asked elsewhere. In the UK the samples went to two well known guys who will not be named. They had them and made the videos. TEAM they do not have the radio, CRT do not have the radio neither do K-PO have the radio so unless you head the Nevada way then there is nothing to show here or speak about. And Nevada is out of stock also now. Today my friend the Professor told me more about the 6666 and it is here, news comes and news is published.

Albrecht comes no real news and seems Maas are more now Amateur Radio orientated. So there are two more areas that are quiet. Maxlog who have the 8800 and 8900 I speak with Mr Maxlog on Skype but nothing new and interesting to comment on at the moment. Qixiang, on my Skype in-fact 3 people on my Skype but if they have no news then they do not tell you anything.

Maxon: Nothing seems to happen with them either, not sure why.. Maybe they gave up and don’t bother anymore?

Sirio: I have asked them about new antennas and if there will be a new GainMaster now since 2011 and those people smarter than me will see there is nothing on the market at the moment, they do not simply make CB antennas so there is nothing coming along quickly.

So you see in a market where President like it or not are number 1 it is hard to ignore them. People email me about there radios, what they have bought, stuff to add to the blog, stuff they would like to see and on the whole it is President, Uniden that as we shall say “floats there boats”

40 Radio reseller and distributors take the blog when something is posted so they see something new and of course have the right to drop me a message and say “HEY I have this new” Some do it, some do not do it. Radio is secretive so many don’t want all knowing all there business. AND I have no right to ask them for there secrets as just another blog on the web talking about CB Radio.

So as before there is ONCE AGAIN AN OPEN INVITE to the radio makers, radio dealers and those who want there names in lights. Got something new then tell me about it. The blog is YOUR blog, am just the hands that post what is told to me.

So yes the blog is President heavy as this is what people write to me about. Some write about RM amplifiers, some write about antennas.

And as a parting thought.

I received an email from Pakistan and it says:

“Sir, I see your blog. I want to buy a CB Radio. I can get President Randy II, Harry III, JFK II or Walker”

How do I answer this? Honestly with the radio that I would buy or say “Go and buy an Albrecht/Maas/KPO in Germany”

That’s it. I do my best, those who don’t like it don’t read it, those who hate it don’t waste time reading it. I repeat I only write what I want. 184,500 Individual hits in 5 months and 224 countries and territories. There is something ok with the blog too I think.

BUT GOT SOMETHING TO SAY, SAY IT HERE.. Goes to companies, independent antenna makers and those who want to share something.

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  1. I Simon,

    I never wrote to you about this but to be honest that is something I’ve notice….the blog is in fact President heavy at the moment. This made me pay less attention to it. There were posts after posts on the Lincoln II and all its versions…. Anyway you have explain the reason why, so despite there is nothing new released to the market by other brands, here’s an idea… maybe you use some of your old you tube videos an talk about other 27Mhz radios…

    Anyway, just a thought.

    Still a faithful reader.

    Rui Delgado


    • Hi Good Morning, Yes a good idea and of course can be so. Take a look around these days not much new. Lots of mails about radios and mostly about President, that’s the fact. But good idea about the videos and when am installed at home again this is what can indeed be done. Thanks for the good idea. Regards Simon


    • Hi Stephen. Fact is President bring 4 radios in 5 months. Albrecht, MAXLOG, Cobra to name three bring nothing. I’ll always post whatever I can and whatever is told to me.. The more the news comes the more I’ll tell here. Hope your well. 73 Simon


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