PNI Escort HP8000 ASQ


Arrived via email overnight and costs around 59 euro. To me it looks similar to a Luiton that was used for tests around 4 years back but this one comes with ASC and also banding from 25615-28305 AM/FM. 4w power and 6 pin mike connection. I have tried to check importers but all are blank, the only place I can see it at the moment is on the magazine page for which covers Hungary, Poland and Romania. More than this I have no information at all about the brand or indeed where to buy it.

Information was supplied via the contact page initially and came from Lisbon Portugal

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    • Yes it’s a good price. I think I’ve got one somewhere called a Luiton or something like that. But 6 bands of 40 channels AM/FM for €59 or so is not too bad


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