So here you are I have found a new reseller of the Yeticom Optima MK3 and the radio can be yours for as low as £165.98 plus shipping. The radio comes from Romania so guess this is where the brand PNI is based and the number for the item is 131176037791 Was found via search for the radio on ebay so they are out there. Hm and not the readers who complained about the blog either.

Check the advert and seems you need to tell them which setting you want the radio sent or they will not ship it, and indeed “they provide the warranty” so guess no sending back to Asia for repairs and as the MK3 the radio comes with the standard 8 pin mike connection.

That’s the companies seat according to ebay so to the many and I mean MANY who asked where to get the radio outside of Asia here is an EU Based place for you to go buy the radio.

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  1. “As of 28-05-2014 the Yeticom Optima is being shipped with a new larger more robust mic with better audio see above pic of the new mic , the old mic has been discontinued by Yeticom These are only available on yeticom optima’s sold by our New Zealand dealer” Added to the yeticom page yesterday.


  2. Ive bought a Optima from this seller, it seems fine and a few others in our group have bought also from this seller. But there packaging is not the greatest, large box no filler, so the rig within just moves about. Not good. As to date I know of one radio being sent back, and we put this down to the packaging, So if you do buy, please make sure you ask for it to be well shipped. This seller has 100% feed back so i would think they would be helpful, Very good radio for the money.


  3. seems like a bit of quality control is not to good I would buy it but after hearing the faults its not for me,but still like it do
    I take a gamble I do not know but………………………………………it seem buy in asia but why not out side asia


  4. I have a Jopix Itaca CB. Guess is not the same radio on the inside… and I’m guessing since the Itaca can also do 10 and 11m bands, but for sure is the same radio on the outside. The thing that bugs me the most is that after 3 years of light use, the power/squelch buttons are sticky and the rubber material they are made off are losing integrity. Also, the 6 middle buttons should be illuminated…at night time, on a dark area, you have to guess where they exactly are and what function they have in order to press te right ones.



    • Hi Again, yes completely different insides but same look as AE485S, Dragons and others. Check Dave maybe has an internal photo to have a look at there. I’ve had all issues you mention above. All of them! Radio from the same maker as yours too. Best 73s


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