Luiton LT-50/LT-168/LT-40/LT-318


● 40 Channels
● 4W
● FM mode for selection
● 25.615 to 28.305 MHz
● ASQ function, Squelch control
● Features
● Instant emergency
● Channel 9/19
● Signal strength meter
● Full 4 watts power output
● TX indicator
● Squelch control
● No license required


●AM/FM Mode For Selection
●Signal Strength Indication.
●Full 4 Watts RF power
●RF Gain Control
●ANL-OFF Selector
●LOC-DX Selector
●ASQ Function
●Emergency Channel 9/19
●Squelch Control
●Scan Function(automatic search of busy channels)
●Memory channel(M1-M4) Selection
●PA Function
●LED back-light
●No License Required

So as you see there are things out there, it is just WHETHER they are on sale in the EU at the moment and by what name they can be found.


The LT-40 with AM only CB Radio has CE Certificate, With 4W RF power, this radio sold well to Poland market.


● Automatic change power supply 12V/24V
● High 8W/Low 4W power switchable
● Wide frequency 25-30MHz
● Auto scanning
● Dual channel standby
● Backlight selective (Red,Green,Blue)
● ANL function
● Big LCD display
● CH9/CH19 emergency channel

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  1. I have a luiton 316 fm am multi band set no ssb but it is 12w high 5.5w low £63 to your door but the best thing its a great set so do not be put off by the name …………………………….


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