Lincoln II V3 Mike Test in Germany

It was simply luck that the antenna was connected at a temporary location and the conditions were super favourable. This time the mike was the Turner +3B and the antenna was the bottom two segments of the President Himalaya and the top element was replaced with the genuine fire-UP tip which many use as a replacement for there Antron 99 antennas.

Above is a link to the antenna tip. The rest is the same as usual. V3, 100w and antenna. I think the audio sounds not so bad, maybe the mike was too high on the volume and it is sure that you need the mike gain on the radio set low (19-24) or the sound is terrible, and on the +3B the audio was at 9 o clock on the volume

Yes I know it is another President item, but that is what I was using on the temp location of the antenna. So that is why it is as it is. More tests continue with the fire-UP to see if it is really such a difference or simply the conditions made it easier the contact.

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