CB Modifications (Albrecht/CRT/Team/Maas)

Sometimes I am asked about whether something will do something extra, or is there something nice hidden inside the workings of the radio. So with that in mind now and then I will publish some modifications here for those that have the radio or the interest to void there warranties in there radios. Some are known, some are the ones that I have posted elsewhere but here are some of them to have a look at:

modif crt s mini

Above is the file for more power and more channels for the CRT S Mini. These mods could and should work with the AE6199, Team TS-9M, Maas Colonia and also the K-PO 500 Radio series as the radios are all based on the Anytone AT-300/310M chassis. I particularly like this board as the mods are nice and seem to work quite well.

Modify Randy II 120 Kanalen

The above mod should work Lafayette Urano, Stabo XH9006E and the President Randy II CB Radio

AE7500 amateur mode

And the last two are for the AE5890EU / AE7500 to allow change of configuration to amateur radio mode. Also some interesting stuff for the AE6790 series of radios also

I have here over a 800GB of modifications here so will post some here from time to time. These are just some of the mods which have been asked the most at the moment

And with each modification. Look, then think if you want to do it, then look again before making any attempt in these modifications.

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