Thunderpole Super Nova

In these days of mobile antennas there are many on the market and indeed many prices. I have this antenna here and have to admit that I have not really tested it, but after seeing the video below am sure now to go give it a go. Note on the video it is written Orbiter which is the Stinger, but on the video and on the webpage it shows the antenna being the Super Nova.

Handling a quoted 3000 watts and simple 1.05m long it seems easy to take on travels with a magnetic base to throw onto a hire car and make contacts. The antenna is made by Paul & Terry in Birmingham and almost all there antennas shall we say kick ass from the box.

Roy who is one of the activators of this event has been on the air many a year and is the founder of the famous “North Atlantic Net” down on the 26MHz band and it is a net that had no egos, lots of people calling in and was the most friendly of all the nets that was around. It is WELL MISSED and hope that this net can again return down on the same frequency.

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