Swedens Channel 20 CB Repeater

Each summer and with the sporadic e conditions we all hear new stations, new countries and the like on CB Radio. It is part of what makes it exciting to keep using the radio. In these times the CB Repeater is becoming more common and more within the grasp of anyone to set up. Whether as the parrot variety meaning you speak to it and it repeats, or the actual repeater input and output like in the Czech one.

Below is 2 videos. One from the repeater owner who shows us around the repeater and the second is from Australia where someone was trying to make a QSO via the repeater and does so. Actually I have heard 43PR050 on the UK channels many times and the amount of bad language from the idiots there that do not believe he is in Australia. Calling him all sorts of names and saying stuff like “I am not stupid, I know he is not there” and a lot worse than that.

So we added a few other videos with it to show how it works. 2013 I worked Gene in Holland via the repeater, worked excellently indeed. Congrats to the station who set it up and let us hope more and more people get into this idea of the hobby

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One thought on “Swedens Channel 20 CB Repeater

  1. great to see a repeater working well pity about the bucket mouths but I would love to have a system like that in the uk make dx just a bit easier great videos and thank you simon but we need one in the uk.


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