Its Easier with Nevada on ebay


Imagine my surprise this morning when on ebay I saw 3 AT-6666 radios sat for sale but of course NO shipping to here so you need to ask the seller. 9AM or so my time I sent 1 message and then later send a second message. Absolutely no answer to the message before the one radio was sold. So, waited all day and not any news at all. Sure it is there right and indeed the sellers have 48 hours of course to reply, but seems waste of time to try and make contact when something is sold. The funny part is it shows they send worldwide, it shows they use Parcelforce in all of its ways and means but cannot add a price for delivery.

I wrote before how the gifted ones were already sent and indeed it is hard to obtain this radio for a test. So seems lost this time also. Radiozing can ship a radio with the price to the country on the website within 24 hours and Nevada cannot answer a simple ” yes the cost is this to send to you ” OR ” we cannot sell to you ” or better still simply ignore a message I guess.

Ebay has drop down menu available where you add a price to a destination. So drop menu, click HUNGARY and it says whatever the cost is. Nothing too difficult as many do it, but others do not of course.

2014 You would think ebay and companies with such a HUGE reputation would answer during 8 hours. But alas no.

Penalty I guess for not living in the UK and there ebay is sure focussed solely on the UK. So better off knowing now to save any further waste of messages and time in the future. But I can add this now to the magazine as have two other people in last 8 weeks with the same issues. Wanted stuff, were located not in the UK and before the stuff was sorted the items were sold. Sad state of affairs.

But each thing has a positive. £199.95 still in the pocket + shipping costs and now look somewhere else as always the thrill is in the chase after all. If would be too easy would be no fun at all….

Sorry it’s a negative post. But can’t always be good and it’s true the post so should share the bad as well as good.

**** Update ****

An email arrived at 22:30 from the Nevada Warehouse telling me that the email had been responded directly. I’ll continue check my email and other areas as nothing arrived so far.

Thanks for messages sharing your experiences and thoughts. Those with “real names” I’ve responded too. Guy from Luton hit it on the head best of all. Could do better, all make mistakes, ain’t life and death.

Indeed true but just a pity! Search goes onwards and thanks to Rene for the tip!!!

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  1. Simon – I have personally sent you three emails SAME DAY we received your email to your gmail account without response. I offered you a new radio delivered FREE OF CHARGE to Hungary ( our cost £31) so this posting is a little unfair don’t you think?


    • Hi Mike. Really no messages arrived so as you know have spoken with Helen. She has maybe a “better address” for emails. Yes the posting may have been unfair, but still really no emails arrived except direct eBay ones


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