Lafayette Apollo PRO Insides


Ordered on Tuesday and delivered Wednesday, in total 22 hours from order to delivery from the UK. Thanks to Mr Simon The Wizard for his fast shipping from Radiozing. Shows why so many order stuff from him indeed. A few changes I noticed from what the importer in Italy told me.

The 6 pin mike is indeed a 4 pin

The banding of the radio is:

UK: 2760125-2799125 FM and also 26965-27405 AM & FM with 4 watts
d4: 26965-27405 AM/FM and 26565-26955 FM Only
E: 26965-27405 AM/FM
PL: 26960-27.400 AM/FM and the 5KHz button IS WORKING TO ALLOW NEW POLISH NORMS

So the new AM CB Channels in the UK are covered nicely in this budget priced radio. All good indeed!!

On Air, Modifications and more will be done ASAP and available from the usual areas online

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    • That’s almost impossible I think. Myself I order from UK, Poland, Germany, Romania, Netherlands and of course also eBay here and there. I could try sort something but think it would be quite tricky as what one person likes another one does not


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