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30 years around in the business and seems still going strong on the sales side. Who on CB has not used either a DV27, K40, Wilson or indeed the Kent Made Modulator antenna. Sure since those times they seemed to go off the radar a little but I use one still, used one for many years and indeed think it was in 2010 got the last one and it works a treat, not missed a beat and made some nice countries on the antenna.

There was many in the series like the Super Modulator II, Another which had a large coil on the base and one in the middle (name I cannot remember now) and also some with smaller coils, all seemed to work well. But of course we all remember and know well the original Modulator


Not sure these days which dealers are selling them, so cannot comment where is the best to look. But on ebay I have found them, need drop them a line if outside the UK please remember this and below is the description of the antenna as told from there advert about the antenna:

EBAY NAME: wallenant

This is THE MODULATOR Long Coil antenna supplied directly from the manufacturers. It was originally designed by our Managing Director Mr Les Wallen way back in 1980 and has been extensively copied ever since, from other manufacturing companies right down to Freds in their sheds. Although we have been somewhat bemused by the activities of the copyists, it has always been accepted that the original Modulator is manufactured and tested to the highest standards thus maintaining its reputation as being one of the greats not only in the UK but as far a-field as the United States, the birthplace of CB. Celebrating it’s 30th anniversary and still going strong, it is our aim to keep this legendary antenna in production for as long as necessary to be enjoyed by both CB’ers and Radio Amateurs alike. Manufactured in the UK at our custom workshop.


Type: Omni-directional loaded monopole/dipole*

Design polarisation: Vertical
Frequency range: 25-31MHz
Over-all height: 1,65m
V.S.W.R: 800w *

Design impedance: 50 ohms.
* Dependant upon installation

Design usage:

All CB and Amateur frequencies within its operating bandwidth including AM, FM, upper and lower single sideband, double sideband and CW (continuous wave) for both low powered QRP communications and high powered DX.

It is nice to see another legend has stood the test of time…

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