M0AQC Hand Free Kit


This item was featured on you tube way back in 2010 but never here. So here is a box that Alan makes in the UK and normally they are for the VHF/UHF mobile radios and offer a nice and easy hand free solution with the mike mounted most often or not on the sun visor. Myself I have started running them on HF Gear and also 6 pin wired for CB with often some very good reports on the air. AM it is a little light if am honest but for SSB and FM the box works real well for me.

Available normally via ebay and just put the QRZ there and hope it should find it. Alan also makes Digimode boxes and they are also working real well. I say real well as have had a few for myself and friends and not anyone has complained to me about it, so must be ok.

2 thoughts on “M0AQC Hand Free Kit

    • Oh dear! President make one similar sound to Sadelta. Not same, similar. I bought mine in Barcelona online and works well all modes and channel change on it too 😉


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