Storm Tornado 35w


Sold as a 40 channel 26965-27405 radio and obviously expandable to the usual 400 channels comes the Storm Tornado. Yes it looks a mix of an Jopix, Optima, Albrecht, Intek and a heap of other names, the s meter is different for sure and also the display seems to be a little altered to the usual suspects that are on the market at the moment. Not seen or tested one but have spoken to a couple of people using them, they ran them with EC2018 mikes or DM432 mikes and the audio was excellent, both had them as mobile stations.

Best Online Price excluding delivery I have found was: 182 euros

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3 thoughts on “Storm Tornado 35w

  1. One feature missed by me on the Itaca is the possibility of having both channel and frequency at the same time on the display. I think the Intek is able to do this also.


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