Storm Guerilla (By Ranger)

Statie Radio CB Storm GUERILLA 100W

Last update for some days as away but here she is, found online with a quoted 100w output and frequency range when expanded from 26015-28565 AM/FM and although I think it could be maybe higher 26065 being the start channel it equates well to the original made Ranger version of the radio.

AM: 50 watts
FM: 100 watts

Again falls into the category as never tried and never heard on air but looks nice. Seems to have the usual suspects of various power, echo with delay, roger bleep, ANL and NB Filters.

And the best price I can see for this one excluding delivery is: 370 euros

A high price, but what is on the inside I don’t know also. All we know it is from Ranger USA made OEM I suppose.

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5/6/14 publish 6/6/14

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