Kappa II & Primo &4006e


Not to educate people but as I have a you tube I have synced this blog via google and so each 24 hours I get a report of what people either looked at or googled about this blog and some others related to this wonderful hobby of ours.

Last two days the most searched were from Germany and looking for Avanti Kappa and Avanti Primo. So above are the two radios and below a small talk about them.

Avanti Kappa:

25615-28305 AM FM
Power is in three levels: 4w / 15w / 60w
8 types of Roger Bleep
NB Filter

Avanti Primo:

Comes as two sorts of radio. All EU Norms with AM/FM and 4w. Comes with EU FM Norms and 20w, AM not included
PC Programmable
VFO Mode in Export
8 Roger Bleeps

Indeed lots of bells and whistles. Of course Stabo have the same radio as the Primo and that is called the XM4006E which is also EU norms AM/FM and 4watts. This was Groupe President Electronics first PC Programmable radio. And it works well from the PC, export mode is the same with all the radios. Indeed the people who wrote and told me that President NEVER USED ANYONE other than Uniden can see below the relationship with Qixiang was done before the Lincoln II. As was the Harrison with Maycom, Randy II with Chieftech and others can be mentioned. So think before telling something is bad.


Of course the Avanti is not from President, the idea was to show that the radio is out there with different brands. Each and all people with a mouse can go and search and see them all

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  1. but no dealers in the uk there missing out on so much money they would sell people need sets like this but its not easy sending money to buy or buying out side your country if it goes wrong but if there was a dealer in uk people would buy and it give every one a better choice of sets, good set.


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