President Lincoln II v2 Versus Anytone AT6666 Grandi Modulatori

As the conditions are poor at the moment it is real hard to make or get a real sense of what is best and what is not. Below is a video made in poor conditions, antenna was a President Himalaya against a fence post, both radios were set at volume 08 and both had there RF Gain set at maximum. The V2 was used as a starting point, due to people getting them around the same time so the release date based on this is similar in my opinion. THERE WILL BE A V3 report here soon when I have the radio and the time at the same place.
Antenna switch was a Zetagi v2 which next videos will use a Zetagi SW2. Coax and patch leads from RocketRadio UK

People all have different ears, camera sometimes distorts how we hear or perceive things. My opinion, the 6666 was a little sharper on the receive than the V2 due to its lower volume on the radio. Lincoln II V2 has a higher level of volume which makes the noise level higher as volume is higher. Otherwise they are not different really. Adjust the Lincoln so the volume is like the 6666 Volume 8 which is volume 6 and there is not any difference. S-Meter are both lazy, the channel change are both rubbish, the sound is really the same. BUT if you set the V2 at VOL 06 and AT6666 you can hardly hear the Anytone where the Lincoln is still loud.


Set levels at 8 the 6666 is heaps better
Set level at 6 on Lincoln and 6 on AT6666 and Lincoln is clearer (solely based on volume to noise level)
Channel Change: Both bad

SSB and FM tests will continue but at the moment I think it is a draw. At higher levels of volume the Lincoln II v2 has more noise and at lower levels it is clearer than the 6666 as the production volume level of the Anytone is set really too low. BUT the radio has a more bass receive sound to the Lincoln.

I guess for better tests others will have them. Many talk about 11m and not use it, many will use radios only as a show piece or as amateur radio. Myself, am 1) Pirate, 2) PMR DX Man 3) 11m Island Chaser & Activator and amateur radio user? Guess that is around 9 or 10 on my list. Once a pirate always a pirate.

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