President Lincoln II v2 Versus Anytone AT6666 SSB Receive

This is where the people on forums and other places told the Anytone would come into its own and indeed it does. I think there is nothing needed to say, it is obvious that the V2 is better on SSB receive. Less noise level, more voice heard and not so many weird and wonderful noises heard in the receive

Give it a few minutes for the video to upload, then take a look. There is on this video a distinct difference I think. But as mentioned before, we have the armchair Uniden and other engineers that are just sat because they are smarter than real engineers and let them do there tests, invest and test. Remember this is simply a modified originally sold Lincoln II V1 and not the all new and available V3. I will go with that when I can, it is not with me where I am now.


(Above) I have an opinion although I would never waste my money on anything new. You tube has a lot of spare space so open those wallets, set up the camera and get onto it. The community of radio men awaits your reviews

I think now, as they say in the world cup


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