A letter of thanks to Robert “Funktechnik Bielefeld”

In a world where all to many slag each other off and never enough praise is truly levelled at those who so obviously deserve it I am happy to add here at the request of Tim 13CT013 a letter of thanks to Robert at the company Funktechnik Bielefeld who helped resurrect a dying Yaesu, below is the words from Tim. And also this is kind on the side of Tim to pass this onwards as sure it is important for radio operators to know there is a store you can surely trust.

I would like to thank Robert at Funktechnick-Bielefeld.de for the quick repair of my Yaesu FT950
I took the radio down to him personally and was treated to a quick tour of his premises and this included his more than ample technical area where the magic is done. This was on the 04th June.
The fault was a modulation fault. I had no audio on any modes but the power was still there. With this information he went ahead and started his magic and within in a week he contacted me saying where the fault lies and that the part could not be seen to be defect, only by measuring it was the defect to be seen. So the new piece was put on order and again, earlier than I expected, he told me the set is ready to be picked up on the 17th June.
This whole process took 13 days and that included a holiday weekend in the middle.
Since its been back in the shack it (the 950) hasn’t missed a beat. Audio reports are superb with the standard mic as one would expect.
I wanted to use this platform to say a huge DANKE to Robert and he comes highly recommended. His prices for Germany are pretty decent too.

Thanks for reading

I can add I have ordered antennas, speakers and other small things from Robert and he has always shipped fast. I have never used his repair facility but based on the back of this if something was to go wrong then sure seems a good place to go. The web address: http://www.funktechnik-bielefeld.de/

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