Leixen VV-898 VHF/UHF Dual Band Mobile Transceiver


£99.95 to buy and available now from Moonraker Limited and has the 6.25KHz step and 10w with a 2 or 3 element yagi on the hills with PMR 446 is nice enough indeed. Actually the 4w low power suits me too

· Dual band: 136-174MHz/400-470MHz
· Dual Reception/Dual Display
· Voice Companding and Scrambler
· Multi silent mode (QT/QTADT/QTXDT) 107 groups DCS/58 groups CTCSS
· DTMF encoding and DTMF decoding
· PTT ID (Voice broadcast PTT ID)
· All calls, group calls and selective calls
· Monitor, RX Inhibit, RXTX Inhibit and Emergency Alarm
· FM Radio (87.5MHz-108MHz)
· Scan/Scan add
· Channel name edit available
· 199 memory channels
· High/Low power (10W/4W)
· APO (Auto Power Off)
· TOT (Time-out timer)
· Font Set (Big/Small)
· VOX (Level adjustable)
· Busy channel lockout
· Keyboard lock (Auto/Manual)
· Multi scan mode (TO/CO)
· Channel steps (2.5K/5K/6.25K/10K/12.5K/25K)
· Wide/Narrow band selection (25KHz/12.5KHz)
· TX Stop
· Talk Around
* Beat frequency
· Reverse frequency function
· 1750Hz burst tone
· Four key programmable
· Lease Function (can program lease time of the radio at a exact time)
· Input frequency by using Keypad
· Wireless changing frequency
· Timepiece
· PC software disable frequency input
· Passwords for menu functions Set
· PTT Times per Minutes Set
· All/Function reset
· 13.8V DC Power Supply
· Size: 120 X 85 X 40mm

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