PNI Escort HP9000 4w


Seems that Bond Telecom has been busy making this radio as it appears in lots of different names and forms on the market at the moment. Export mode is well documented 25615-30105 and with software the ability to make 12w. BUT where is the software that is the question so am told? Price online 90 euro.
Not sure if featured here somewhere down the list but was asked by a user of the radio to feature it and so here it is as requested.

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One thought on “PNI Escort HP9000 4w

  1. I have one and its under the name luiton 316 and can be programed but I have seen no soft ware for mind eazy to
    connect on the back of the set but not seen program any ware , but a good set I get very good reports on audio hope some one finds the program some were


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