Zetagi B750 & B1200


Heard a lot of these 24v lovelies on the Grandi Modulatori frequency recently so was looking around at costs, specifications and the like. 4MRF422 transistors and quoted from 140-600w on AM/FM and 140-1200w on SSB. Sure we know that Zetagi sometimes over estimates its abilities in the power department. 40 amp seems to be the average amps to make it work and prices online? Range from £396 to £445 so there seems a swing in change for this one.


But why not invest £720 and get yourself a B1200. This amplifier allegedly supplies 120-1200w AM and on the SSB scale some 2000w and the amps needed to make it work 80 amp. Something nice for the shack when you need to see if there is anyone sat listening on the call frequency

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