Offbeat Adventure Drives Pvt. Ltd

Had to mention this as it is CB Related and comes direct from our friends at CB RADIO INDIA Forum and details the exploits of a gentleman named Ravi Nayar who took a group of people from India and they went on a road trip to Bhutan and relied on CB Radio for there communication within there convoy.


Friends from the INDIAN CB USERS have all the information about this epic trip. And jeez it would have been so nice to hear them from the Kingdom of Bhutan. I for one would have loved to hear them. I am at the moment not sure about the radios and the antennas, but have asked and will post it when I know and if I know the answer. This takes you direct to the companies website.

Excellent idea, super way to travel and have the CB Radio as well then why not. Seems an excellent idea really. Great use of the radios and fun at the same time in 4×4. Is there anything better than that…

**UPDATE** Found this on the forum:

All the cars and support vehicles on our drives are connected by President CB Radios for smooth communication…….and they have proved to be extremely reliable..When Ravi Nayar, explorer, enthusiast and an avid traveller decided to take a bold step and start Offbeat Drives, he placed his trust on President CB radios for mission critical communications. Ravi has conducted several drives to offbeat locations and left us awestruck with images of beautiful vistas that we never knew existed. There seems to be no end to adventure as he ventures into Bhutan on May 31.