Vortex Antennas

Thanks must go to Bert for the next link to be featured here and this is the British Antenna Maker VORTEX.


Vortex is the home of the Quasar .64 which tests have shown it put the Vortex ahead of the Gainmaster and the Mr Coily E64 Enforcer and this was from a reviewer of the Gainmaster who really rated it as an excellent antenna so then you must have something special on the hands.

Yagi Antennas, all looking super well made it must be said. I know 1 man who has helped assemble some of these antenna in the past so has to be good if he is involved with it.


This is the address, they seem to be able to ship almost anywhere so take a look and see what they have. Maybe there is something useful that you have been looking for.

“Vortex Antenna Systems – Hand Built in England with Pride”

You cannot ask for anything more than that…

Always super to show some Made in UK Priducts

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