President GPF-2000 Antenna


Today I was asked about this antenna and forwarded a photo from another site. Honestly I do not know if it is old, new or anything else as NEVER HAVE SEEN this one before. Looks interesting and like the ideas of the two sets of radials. A little over 180 euro is the price am told, but can only see old news about it, nothing new and indeed only a few places in the Netherlands seem to have the antenna on stock. Something like a Black Pirate on steroids is what it is like.

I think it is just old stock maybe? Below is the 2013 catalogue and no mention.

522cm long
2kw PEP Rated.


Antenna seems to be available at Scanman Netherlands and Truckerswereld Netherlands,

Jeez, looks a beast and with the radials and an amplifier can grill sausages and talk at the same time…