President Grant II ASC 150w

I like to see new things, some stuff is bad ass and some stuff you have to mention it. Many and I mean MANY people have been voicing there sadness that the President Grant II is so low powered and that they missed the boat when it comes to radio as all the people want variable power, 30-40w output to keep President in the same league as the Anytones and others that have this as standard power.


David “Yeticom” Donaldson has got him self built a beast of a Grant II and an Optima 4. I think they have added an RX150 final stage on the back and this will sure propel the radio to some decent watts.

Personal Point of View:

I think the days of an export radio with less than 30 watts should be ended. It is not necessary these days when makers can add some 40w output from a radio and sell for £150 and cannot be in a radio selling for £199*. Missed the boat is the easiest answer. Time and tide stands still for no man, no company and not any radios. There needs to be back to the old MK1 Jackson with 40w output, nice MRF477 transistor to power it along the way.
*Type Approval would be hard..

Check out Yeticom at and seems he has some real nice odds and ends on the way for his customers. Do I think he should sell these Mega Grants? Hell YES..

But on the other side, level headed Simon says hard to get approved a legal CB for EU with a massive heatsink on the back? Maybe could be sold as amateur radio and when cut the jumper and move the wire get CB and 11m… Think these days are not ever going to happen.

One thought on “President Grant II ASC 150w

  1. Holy smoke. First the German Lincoln 2 with 150 ish out the back of it and now this from the other end of the world. NIce. I wonder if it puts a strain on the other circuitry?


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