Team Ham MobileCom 1011 Photos

Markus the boss at always has and always uses the best equipment when taking photos of the new stuff that lands in his store. The same is with the new Team QX6666 Ham Mobilecom 1011 and below are the photos. Sadly often or not the photos have been pirated and used by stores other than Markus own. One UK store for example has used his photos without any permission or consent.


The CTCSS/DCS option will come as an extra board between 15-20 euro where as it is fitted as standard within the CRT9900. Programming software is similar to the 6666 but indeed not the same with some extra options within the menus. The 1011 will be here in the location within days and we will have a look at it.

Radio is priced at 219.95 euros

(c) ALL PHOTOS Markus Neuner