Expedition Iberia Latest & Last News

So the team has arrived back on the green and pleasant lands of the Czech Republic and sure now they must have a few stories to tell. For those lucky enough there has been a QSL produced to confirm any contacts and a sample of this can be found below


Now some stats:

And now some numbers: In all the time of our expedition, we established 397 connection to the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The largest number of QSO with us followed Renata Nučice 6x and longest connection with the expedition continued Janko Palúdzka Liptovsky Mikulas 2485 km. He talked to us a total of 275 friends CB.

If you’re interested, you can get a QSL Holice during the awarding ceremony CB competitions or lying Českolipáků the football stadium after the awards ceremony.

As another way to get QSL is by mail Václav Mestl Chotěšov 160 33214th In this case, you have to request a QSL envelope to enclose a stamped envelope and return address. This option is valid as of today, ie 6.8 2014

So it is really everything. Once again, we thank you for your interest in connection with us and we look forward to next year, if we are healthy again for some of our remote part of the globe.

73 good health and much success you desire:

Venca Chotěšov CL-39, Honza Sulejovice CL-50,
Bohouš CL-6 a Fousáč Vinice CL-51