Huff Puff Another Radio Released

CB Users. All wanting the best and all wanting to spend as little as possible to get that “best radio” Recently with the release of the new President, new Anytone, New Team and New Lafayette radios there has been more huff and puff, more fingers beating out tales of despair into forums and twitter and any other place to vent the anger of a 200 euro Grant II not working as well as a Kenwood or Icom.


It is indeed a time to hold heads in hands, take deep breaths as some of these people who sure should work for Uniden, Cobra with there vast knowledge that can prove an s-meter on a Team 1011 is not as calibrated as the one on a 1980 something or other. Despair, Doom, Gloom, Misery is the new wow, nice audio, great radio, nice contact it seems. Is there anyone at all happy with what they have?

Even some celebrity amateur radio people are crying at what? A radio that costs 199 euro is not working as well as the Icom IC7000 they have in the car and the audio is “disappointing” Well a small shock for you. The coveted AT5555 you lovingly bought is a CB RADIO NOT A BLOODY ICOM..

President Lincoln II & President Grant II: Two examples of talked about radios. Heartbeat of a Grant II is a CB that can do 10/11m when modified. IT IS A CB RADIO, not expensive as such. Lincoln II is sold as an amateur radio but is a CB RADIO with a Qixiang heartbeat made under the skill and advise of President. Do not sell your Icom or Alinco DXSR8 as they are amateur radios, the two above are CB RADIO with the quirks they have. Perfect they are not, best they can be they are. Do they work YES they do. Will it last the next 120 years like your old Cobra 148 GTLDX which is the same now as new? NO. It is a radio for the present. Times change and indeed these will change and be old school in another 20 years.

Anytone 6666 & Team Ham MobileCom 1011

The above are also BLOODY CB RADIOS. You can dress them in Versace or Dior to make them look like something else but they are cheap and cheerful CB Radio based equipment. Sold as 10m mobile radios but with DNA of CB Radio. An amateur radio like a Kenwood or Icom or Yaesu don’t come with echo inside or a channel 9/19 button. They will work well to the investment you have budgeted. Example: I have an Icom 7410 and expect my Alinco DR135DX which is sold as a “10m amateur radio” to work as well as my Icom which is sold as an AMATEUR RADIO.
OH of course it will not. NB is crap, audio too processed, channelized, echo is not enough, will not make 100w.

Days and Days of emails people complaining about there radios. The NB is better on a Kenwood than V3 Lincoln. YEP as Lincoln is a CB. Simon the audio on my FT817NB although a small radio sounds better than my AT5555. Sure I agree. Simon, I have noticed the audio and s-meter is not so good as my TS50s and how old that is now. Sure Kenwood is an AMATEUR RADIO and the other radio you have is a CB RADIO.

Have people lost there minds? Dealers being swamped out with comments about radios not the same as the good old times. Those good old times when the same people moaned about nothing new, now they moan about something new.

A list of received comments:

I need my Grant II to make 40w and it does 10w ( BUY AN AMPLIFIER )
The audio on my 5555 is not as good as an Icom ( SELL THE 5555 AND BUY ANOTHER ICOM )
I’ve a vast knowledge about radios now I am on air 5 years ( APPLY TO WORK UNIDEN, QIXIANG & HELP THEM )
My President George works better than my CRE8900 ( GEORGE IS QUALITY, CRE AIN’T A GEORGE )
I could make a better radio than Qixiang. ( CONTACT A FACTORY, SET UP A LINE, MAKE SOMETHING NEW )


And finally the same idiots who know nothing are complaining about the Dynascan 10m yet to be released. It will be rubbish, I don’t like the display, the audio will be bad, the price too high for a CB Radio. Finally an honest quote “CB RADIO ” for that is what it is. It is not a cheap Icom, Kenwood, Alinco, Yaesu, TenTec, Elecraft it is indeed a CB RADIO.

13CT013 Tim and myself are trying an experiment. Tim has sent me his Grant II not modified, stock and nice legal radio which he has no real noise on, see his videos and the receive is nice and quiet. HERE in Budapest we will see how quiet it is and indeed if all the noises are location dependent. Expensive postal costs but something that needs to be tried as some do not see this can happen.

And to end I will end with this saying:

Someone who is not happy will never be..

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  1. I had to part with my grant 2 v1 due to its lack of filtering is picked every light switch click up in my home also the flou light in the kitchen along with the heating element in the kettle it was a similar situation mobile in urban areas 😦 shame as I had some glowing reports from the grant 2 ive gone back to using my Lincoln and my optima mk3


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