PoMeRanc Pikador 2014

2014 sees the continued tradition that is the Pikador 2014 for the PMR Men of the Czech Republic. The event is simple, a linking event from the first on the list till the last on the list. The PoMeRanc men will head to the hills and make contacts, also at the same time trying to beat there own personal records for distance. My own record was 236km on 500mw from the mountains near the German border (Pancir) was the mountains name


The event is also tied to the Milan 42 events in the Czech Republic that have been featured here previously. All that is left now is to see if have a PMR that can take and make the event, and the distance also away from here adds to the will he or won’t he at the moment.


More information via: http://www.cbpmr.cz

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