Maxlog M8800 $185 Shipped

I was asked about the prices of the M8800 and where was the best price? Well an email from HK showed the best price although limited quantity I understand.


The photo shows the website of the radio and let us look at it.

$185 that is 139 euros, or £111 or indeed 580PLN.

Sure there could be some taxes and or duty to be paid when it lands in your country but guess those who want it will get it. I know the radio has echo and also 40w FM and 30w SSB so maybe it is from the new series of radios. I post it here with the knowledge that there will be some in the UK that crow money burns in there pockets for something to spend it on will think it is too high price, not the same audio as there TS590S Kenwood or indeed why does it not come with an antenna, PSU and two week holiday in USA with it…

And like before, it is cheap, cheerful and obviously CB Based radio and not your Icom PRO III made the same way with cheaper components.

Email arrived 18.08.2014

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