Coming Soon In “Comms from Europe”

Even as we sit and read this it is September the copy dates are looming and so the ideas of the Christmas edition are in the thoughts. And this year, in December is a bumper edition of Comms from Europe. And below is a sneak peak of what is happening and what is on offer in Radio User Magazine.


We have indeed had a chat with the exceptionally busy President of Polar Industries Mark Kohakewych and asked him some questions from the magazine readers about radios, antennas, ice roads and more

ice 2

Competition Time:

After the successful AM CB Giveaway we are back with a bumper pack for the Christmas Season. Well here are the details of what is on offer:

President Grant II (Fastest Selling SSB Legal Radio in the UK)
President Virginia Mobile Antenna
President Liberty Mike (Wireless Dect Mike)


All Photographs (c) Mr Markus Neuner

Competition is open to all readers of the magazine Radio User and wish someone great success of winning this package which is well in excess of £300 at todays costs. My thanks to the dealers which made this at all possible.

And into 2015?

Win A:

CRE 8900
President Lincoln II V3
CRT 9900

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Article Release: 09/13/2014

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