RM Amplifiers “The Video”

I guess all of us at some time have used a linear amplifier with the CB or from the mobile on SSB? If this is the case then there are two companies I guess we used an amplifier from. Back in the day it was the Zetagi B300P or the Zetagi B550P that were the kings of the airwaves in the 80’s into the 90’s. And what happened? Not sure really but RM AMPLIFIERS appeared and since then I guess it is generally well known you get more power from an RM Amplifier than a Zetagi and the 11m chatter would seem to back that up over the years

I found this video and thought I would share it here with you. A lottery win then sure you would like a BLA1000


Or maybe sell a kidney? 6 months with one of these would be better than anything. Test it across the bands, across the world and see how well it would work.


Above is the BLA350 which is another one that seems it can make some serious signal on the air. 300w output with 1-10w on the input side.


And above the new weapon of choice for many on the 27465AM in Italy. 1kw PEP and dressed to impress. It is nice to see a video of what happens inside the factory. Lots of nice and lovely things sat there…

Child in a sweet shop comes to mind (Not knowing what to choose)

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  1. there very good amplifiers and most come with built in fans beats sticking one on the top the built in ones work when it get to a certain temp can not be bad I will be getting a new one soon some thing like 200w fm am and 400w ssb


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